Custom Work

Do you have a design that you would like to have made but do not know how or where to get it made?
Let me help you!
I have 35+ years of experience in custom design and can help you create that special piece of jewelry you've been dreaming about.

I am very versatile and can make virtually any style or type of jewelry including:

Neck Pieces
Tie Tacs
Figurative Work
Portraits in Gold

You don't need to draw to design a custom piece; even an idea of what you want will work. Of course if you can draw, even a little, that's a bonus.
If you can scan the drawing and send it to me that's a plus too. If you have an idea but no scanner, you can email me and discuss the design, or send the idea via postal mail.

Your idea or drawing should state the following:

All these factors will help me to determine a price for your piece. Generally figure on a 6-8 week execution time from the time I commence carving your piece in wax until it is finished in metal. If it is a gift, I can suggest or procure a nice box for presentation. (Please plan accordingly!)

Please do not send me any designs that are copyrighted by someone else. I respect the rights of artists. If you want to send me pictures that demonstrate a STYLE you like that is okay, but in that case do not ask me to do a straight copy of the design!